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What is 'How Can I Help'?

This is a one to one performance where I offer certain comforting actions (such as a hug or stroking hair) in the hopes of making people consider what kind of touch best comforts and helps them. These are 15 minute performances but the full time does not need to be used

Meet the Team

Every performance will be done by me, B. However for both parties saftey there will be a second person present to document and ensure all behaviour is appropriate.

Rules For The Performance

  • If you have any triggers of icks I ask that you inform me before the performance commences so I can alter the performance to suit you.

  • No one under the age of 18

  • This is a one to one performance but if there is reason this is not possible I will allow for two participents.

  • If you begin to feel uncomfortable at any point please inform me so we can stop or change the performance depending on the issue

  • If I (or one of my saftey supervisors) feel that someone is beginning to make sexual advances or inappropriate behaviour becomes apparent the perormance will be imediatly stopped and you will be asked to leave


Sharing a space

Hair strokes


Hand holding


Resting head on lap

lean against one another

Thumb Wrestle

Shoulder rub

Foot rub

Stroking face

Shoulder pat

Stroking arm

Requests are welcome and will be considered but not guaranteed.

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